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Toyota Prius Full Fibre LED Smoked Red Tail LIghts ZVW30/35/PHV(2010-2015)

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30 series Prius full LED full fibre tail light smoked red left right set new goods .

smoked lens . inner red type full fibre tail becomes .

day and night . without regard rear view . original - no eminent impact . give. .

high luminance LED use we do therefore after . car . intense . appeal is possible to do .

* small
red color fibre one side 7ps.

* brake
red color high luminance LED one side 25 departure ( winker . back lighting hour is one side 9 departure )

* winker
orange color fibre one side 2 ps high luminance orange color LED one side 8 departure

* back
white color fibre one side 2 ps high luminance white color LED one side 8 departure

winker and back hour is small lighting do .. red color fibre . orange and white color . each 2 ps by cut . change . - 

fibre - automatic returning circuit . installing it is done

red color reflector . tail regular surface lower part . side . installing we do therefore safety . no problem .

installation is original exchange . coupler on .. installation. .

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